Everyday Security post ideas

I’ve been thinking about all the things I could write about. So I don’t forget, I’m going to start a list here. Feel free to make suggestions in the comments.

Browsers and cookies
Browsers and JavaScript
Browsers and Flash
Browsers on mobile devices
Different browsers for different purposes
Encoded URLs/trackable links
Encrypted hard drives
Encrypted backups
Backing up laptops
Backing up devices
Password managers
Choosing good passwords
Public wireless networks
Home wireless networks
Mobile phone location tracking
Trusted Traveler programs
International travel
US travel
Toll transponders
Smart cards
Electronic transit passes
Paper mail
Telephone numbers
Webmail/cloud email
Instant messages
Self-hosting servers
Identity theft
Credit card compromised
Website data compromised
Credit reports
Phone stolen
Laptop stolen
Physical security in public
Remote wipe
Password managers for secure notes
Password-protected apps
Website logging/what happens when you click

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