I’m here with a couple hundred other iPhone people, even more devices and an unlimited supply of beer. Yes, we have been promised beer. I have even been promised vegan pizza. Adobe’s office here is very nice, we are in the atrium/cafe area that has both a cafeteria and coffee bar setup. The NDA situation has been skirted by having a quarantine zone for discussing non-public topics. The overall effect for me is something of “WWDC Lite,” there’s a lot of “Didn’t I see you at WWDC?” going on.

I’m working with two other people on an application to share address book contacts by passing them through a back-end server. It’s not especially elegant or complex but it’s an interesting problem and not too technically challenging. We are all at about the same level as far as Cocoa and iPhone programming goes, which is to say we all write code in other languages but are feeling seriously out of our element. I’ve gotten as far as requesting a document from a URL and after dinner I’m going to start parsing it.