We are in Seattle this weekend, staying in a hotel downtown, so of course I had to go check out Pike Place Market. I can do without the craft bazzar lower floors, but the market stalls are great. Not so perfectly turned out as the manicured Ferry Building but many great things. Sadly we couldn’t get a hotel with a kitchen so I had to pass on a lot of stuff, but there was salami. Creminelli is a small sausage and salami company in Utah and they just opened this little shop at Pike Place a couple months ago. Saturday was absurdly hot in Seattle but fortunately salami is designed to keep. I’m debating heading back down the hill before we leave to pick up some more.

I thought to get a picture of the amazing cured pork things I had for lunch at the Ferrry Building last week. I was bad and bought a boxed lunch at Boccalone:

There was paté, lonza (bacon looking stuff) and I think the other thing was soppressata but I’m not sure. Some bread from Acme down the hall and I was all set.