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Once again, my mailbox got corrupted. Makes me want to hand it all over to Google and get out of the email hosting business (such as it is, with three mailboxes.) But Certain Users are objecting.

In the meantime, I have this:

Reconstructing cyrus mailboxes in Mac OS X Server 10.3 or later

I hope you never need it. I’m posting it here so I can remember where to find it.

The office Dictator of Food has decreed all items in the refrigerator must be signed and dated else they face termination with prejudice. I already put my name on most things, but it’s kindof a pain to figure out where to write something in sharpie pen on a package already covered in writing. I’ve lost items before because my name was not prominently enough displayed and it was mistaken for shared food.


I went and bought myself a custom date and message stamp:


Now, with the help of some extra address labels, I can mark my lunch in an appropriately officious manner.