The office Dictator of Food has decreed all items in the refrigerator must be signed and dated else they face termination with prejudice. I already put my name on most things, but it’s kindof a pain to figure out where to write something in sharpie pen on a package already covered in writing. I’ve lost items before because my name was not prominently enough displayed and it was mistaken for shared food.


I went and bought myself a custom date and message stamp:


Now, with the help of some extra address labels, I can mark my lunch in an appropriately officious manner.

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  1. feorlen says:

    One interesting note, if you can call “dubious advertising statements” interesting.

    The website I bought this from says the stamp “can be re-inked.” When I got it, the package clearly states (with multiple pictures and six languages, taking up the entire back of the box) that the stamp pad contained therein is most assuredly not to be re-inked.

    I asked the sales department to clarify this. From the comment I got back, apparently “re-ink” now means “can purchase replacement cartridge.” While I did indeed purchase a replacement cartridge, so I could continue to use the stamp while searching for a bottle of ink that invariably has gone missing in the meantime, I did specifically choose this model because of this capability.

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