Some months back I hacked my WordPress akismet plugin to log all comments to my blog. I’ve had 915 comments posted. 900 of them are spam. Of the 15 real comments, 10 are mine. 656 of those are from one ip address: 102 of them are on a single message, the first one I posted when I set up the blog.

For those 656 spam comments from one address, there are 655 unique authors with 655 email addresses and 656 websites. Clearly somebody had a mistake there. And they aren’t all with the same setup, as the most common user agent has only 521 hits and the rest are from 9 others, all some Mozilla variant for Windows. Whoever this is, they are spamming all my posts more-or-less the same. Spam comments are from only about the past month, with a big spike around the Labor Day holiday weekend. Then, it appears, someone went on vacation until the 17th.