I’ve gotten the home laptops set up and talking to MobileMe, as well as the phone. Aside from sometimes slow web stuff, the biggest problem I’ve had was in getting my address book correct. I tried to import a bunch of vcards from the web interface, expecting it to prompt me to resolve duplicates like AddressBook does. Wrong.

I had to sync the mess back to a laptop and fix all the dups by hand from the actual application. (I think the only remaining oops is where I accidentally merged cards for two people with the same name. Will clean that up Monday by getting fresh copies from the office.)

There is a bit of weirdness in that the mail application, when I set up my me.com account, insists there is a mac.com account. I don’t have a mac.com address, so when I tried to send a message with the incorrect smtp settings it balked. I see there is a new MobileMe software update waiting for me, so presumably that will fix a couple of things. (Like how System Preferences doesn’t actually seem to know about MobileMe yet, although it still works as .mac.)

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