Since we moved to the new apartment about two and a half years ago, I’ve been making do with one improvised workspace after another. Couch, bed, kitchen table, anything. I had a desk before, but it was a re-purposed shelf that ended up reverting to its original function. I haven’t just gone out and gotten some $25 Ikea thing because I need to be able to adjust the height down so I can actually type. This weekend I finally got it all together:

I started pulling out boxes I haven’t looked in for years and moving things from overstuffed shelves into my new space. I’m only half done but just getting all the scattered desk items to one location has improved the place. I can have both current computers available and the motley assortment of gizmos (do any of these PCMCIA ethernet dongles actually work?) are all in one place.

In the process I cleared out two file boxes of junk, mainly old magazines. I opened up dozens of unread CDs and DVDs from old Apple mailings — I think I have enough coasters for party drinks for years to come. Panther developer seed, anyone?

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