Just to report back about Global Entry: wow! There was a pretty big line, but once I made it through the crowd headed to the regular line I was nearly out as fast as I could walk. (No bag to claim either.)

It took two minutes at the kiosk because I had to read the instructions. It scans your passport and then fingerprints. Next I headed over to the crew/diplomat line where there was one person in front of me. But the officer waved me over, other passenger still at the counter, and let me go with a cursory check of my kiosk receipt.

I didn’t need to fill out a customs declaration, either. I indicated at the kiosk I had food, as I always do when I’m carrying snacks, but most of the time I don’t have to talk to APHIS anyway so little different there.

So whether or not you agree with the data collection required by the program, it sure does get you through faster if you aren’t flagged for inspection.

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